Faculty and Staff

Ways faculty and staff can help create a more inclusive university, along with accommodation information for employees and job-applicants. Accessibility is everyone’s role at UW-Madison, and we encourage you to make a commitment to help create a more inclusive community.

A key resource to assist employees is the Employee Disability Resources Office.

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Including professional development courses to help you understand disability and accessibility.

Use available services

Accommodations, facilities, transportation, designing for accessibility, academic research, and more.

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Understand your role, why accessibility is important, and how to create accessible experiences.

In the classroom

Faculty may receive a variety of accommodation requests. The more you make your course accessible, the fewer accommodation requests you may receive and the more students with or without accessibility needs will be able to use, learn, and navigate your course materials and classroom experiences.

Accessibility matters in every course. You cannot know all of your student’s needs. Students with (or without) various types of disabilities can experience the same barriers in the classroom. Barriers can also vary significantly from student to student, even when they share the same disability.

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Employment and job application questions

Schools, colleges, divisions, and units each have a trained contact who can help answer employee’s or job applicant’s questions. This person is known as the Divisional Disability Representative, or DDR.

The DDR can assist with common questions and concerns including:

  • Accommodation request process
  • Confidentiality, rights, and responsibilities
  • Family and Medical Leave
  • Accessible parking and ergonomic assessments

Policies, accommodations, and appeals

The university has reasonable accommodation policies, including reassignment, for University (Classified) Staff, Academic Staff, and Faculty.

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Processes for employees and applicants for employment to request an accommodation.

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Employee accommodations and appeals

UW-Madison provides specific processes for employees and applicants for employment who have been denied an accommodation to file an appeal with the ADA Coordinator.

Appeals for employees and applicants