How to request an accommodation

How students, employees, job-applicants, visitors, and program participants can request an accommodation at UW-Madison.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison is committed to creating an accessible and inclusive experience for all students, employees, and guests, including people with disabilities.

Request sign-language interpreting or professional live captioning

The McBurney Disability Resource Center coordinates sign language interpreting and professional live captioning (e.g. CART) for university departmental events, presentations, and disability-related accommodations. For more information, visit the McBurney Center website.

Students, academic program applicants, and employees

Students, academic program applicants, and employees with a disability make their request through CommunicationAccess@UW.


Job-applicants, visitors, and program participants

Individuals applying for a job or participating in a program or activity requesting interpreting or captioning due to a disability.

Request interpreting or captioning

UW-Madison departments, program hosts, and event coordinators

Departments, program hosts, or event coordinators can request sign language interpreting or live captioning for a disability accommodation request or to proactively make their event more inclusive through CommunicationAccess@UW.


Request other accommodations


The McBurney Disability Resource Center is the office for students with disabilities requesting classroom and other accommodations.

Request a student accommodation

Employees and applicants

Employees with disabilities and job applicants are supported through the campus network of Divisional Disability Representatives.

Request an employee accommodation

Visitors and program participants

How visitors with disabilities, including guests can seek accommodations to participate in programs, activities, and services at UW–Madison.

Request a visitor accommodation

Division of Extension program participants

The Division of Extension’s Access Consultant assists participants seeking a reasonable accommodation for Extension’s services, programs, and activities.

Request an Extension program accommodation

What is an accommodation?

A reasonable accommodation is an auxiliary aid, service, adjustment, or modification to ensure individuals with disabilities are not denied or excluded from the benefits of a course, activity, service, program. In employment, it is a modification of a job or work environment to allow for essential job functions to be performed.


  • Additional testing time
  • Note-taking
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Sign-language interpreting
  • Captions

The appeals process

The university offers an appeals process for individuals with disabilities who are denied an accommodation through the Office of Compliance.