Available accessibility services and resources to the UW-Madison community addressing accommodations, facilities, transportation, designing for accessibility, academic research, fitness and recreation.


Changes, adjustments, auxiliary aids, or services provided so a person with a disability can enjoy the same opportunities, benefits, and privileges.

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Accessible transportation options on campus, including accessible parking, routes, buses, pedestrian maps, and building maps.

Accessible transit and parking

Buying tech

In order to ensure accessibility, decisions about which products to procure must consider accessibility early and throughout the process.

Procure accessible technology

Digital accessibility, including websites

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What is digital accessibility and how to design accessible content.

Starting with digital accessibility

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Web, media, documentation

Make accessible websites, images, videos, documents, emails and more.

Designing for digital accessibility

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More digital accessibility

Course content, procuring accessible technology and accessibility evaluations.

More digital accessibility

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Bascom Hall

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Academic research

UW Disability Studies

An academic program exploring models and theories that examine social, political, cultural, and economic factors that define disability and help determine personal and collective responses to difference.

Rehabilitation Psychology and
Special Education

An academic program committed to improving the lives of people with disabilities by preparing leaders to serve as resources and advocates through local, state, national, and international collaborations.

Waisman Center

Dedicated to the advancement of knowledge about human development, developmental disabilities, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Library disability services

Assistive technologies, building accessibility, research assistance, paging services, digital delivery and more services from UW Libraries.

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Fitness and recreation

Camp Randall and Kohl Center accessibility guides

Athletics Guest Services provides a variety of services to make Game Day accessible to every Badger fan.

Recreation and Wellbeing

Inclusive fitness spaces, programs and how Recreation and Wellbeing is working to create a more accessible UW-Madison.

Hoofers Accessible Sailing Club

Offering sailing instruction that stresses safety and fun and can be modified in numerous ways to fit individual needs.

Adapted Fitness and Personal Training

Classes for students with permanent and temporary disabilities looking to improve fitness and develop a healthy or healthier lifestyle.

Badgers Adapt

An event that gives athletes of all abilities an opportunity to participate in adaptive and Paralympic sports, events and activities.